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Say goodbye to the burden of carrying around bulky power banks and tangled wires - the solution is here and it comes pre-charged  

Our Purpose

Quick-E was Invented to provide extra power to gadgets. As technology increases, batteries power remains stagnant. We have built a more efficient and a much more convenient way of providing energy to portable electronics whilst helping the environment. 

Quick-E products leaves behind 0% waste and is 100 % recyclable. Unlike other one-time-use power banks where the customer throws away the product once it has been dissipated, Quick-E products is recycled and reused up to 500 times.

Products Summary

Quick-E Products are designed to be small and durable to withstand going through a postal service. All products are recyclable, produce no waste and maximizes the resources to build the product as it can be recycled up to 500 times. 


Quick-Es come in 6 different verities utilizing various discharging methods maximizing utility for a wide range of probable electronics.   


Quick Energy products will be debuted at CES in Las Vegas on the 9th January 2019 - for more information on this event and Quick Energy's presence, please get in contact via the contact page. 

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